Exploring the world as you drive 
You don't have to
Plan ahead for your trip

Duration 6 weeks
Year 2017

Taking on Airbnb's vision of having their users experience a unique, personal travel, I designed an in-car trip planning application projected on the windshield of a connected car. With a connected car and Airbnb Road as the in-car app, people don't have to plan ahead to ensure their travel experience. Airbnb Road will do the search and plan right on the road, as they drive.

Open AirbnbRoad
During the ride with voice command

The screen shows four features of the app: search, recommend, map, and record. Driver's current location is shown on the bottom.

Key features


The application will search based on filters: budget, time, and activity.



The application will make recommendations to best suit the user's preferences by building on the user's search result data.



The application will open the map inside the app that gives direction to the destination, traffic information, road work information, visual guidance to the location of search results, etc. 



The application will keep a record of the trip to remember and to go back for a second or third round to the user's favorite travel. 


User Data

Search and recommendations are based on building data from user's previous search results and saved trip routes.  Matching the user's preference to the on-site search gives percentage to help the user feel comfortable about the search results.

Search on the road
Where, what, how

The search feature has options to search for hotels, rentals, things to do, and restaurants around the driver. The interaction will be activated by voice and the following screen shows the driver searching for a rental and the application giving results based on the user's data.

Search for things to do
Based on your preference match

The screen shows the driver searching for things to do around the driver's location based on the user's preference match. AR projection of the logo on the windshield shows the location of the suggested activity.

Get a recommendation of
The whole trip experience

The recommendation feature has options to receive recommendations for a travel route that includes restaurants, activities, and a place to stay as a package. The screen shows the driver receiving a travel route recommendation.

Follow the map 
And you won't be lost on the way

The map feature shows the visual and vocal direction to the driver's destination.

Keep the trip in the log 
So you can revisit anytime

The record feature saves the travel information for future reference and builds on the user's preference data.


©2019 Shannon Yuna Koh