American Federation of Arts
Redefining, simplifying and visualizing
Redesign the website
For the non-profit organization

Duration 6 weeks
Year 2016

American Federation of Arts is a non-profit organization that organizes and tours art exhibitions to the regions that do not have much access to the arts. The organization has great value in its dedication to spreading art to everyone but it was falling behind in representing their identity and value from their online website. 

I redesigned their website by rebranding their identity and finished by coding the website with HTML, CSS and jQuery.

afa_mockup copy
With the mission statement, simplified layout, and engaging images.
Exhibitions Landing Page
With the current, upcoming and past exhibitions

At the bottom is the secret sauce of the exhibition landing page that shows the exhibitions at its current venue to signify that AFA organizes touring exhibitions and that the exhibitions reach out to different areas of the U.S.

Interactive Map of Exhibitions on Tour
Shows the travelling route and current venues

The idea was inspired by the organization's staff who wanted to emphasize AFA's unique standing in how they reach out to regions of the U.S. where people don't have many art galleries and museums in their communities.

Exhibition Detail Page
Of the selected exhibition


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