Google Play Music Offline
Redesign for offline users
Keeping things simple
But customizable

Duration 3 weeks
Year 2017

Before I started using the music streaming services, I used Google Play Music to listen to the songs that I downloaded from third-party.  So, I redesigned the Google Play Music app to focus on the simple function of listening to songs offline. 

Easier access to playlists
With modified layout
Simplified songs list
With typographic hierarchy
Songs on play
With organized key elements
Suggested functions
To making a playlist
1. Select multiple songs
To add to a playlist

Long-pressing a song allows multiple songs to be selected to add at one to the playlist

2. Add the selected songs
To a playlist

Previously text-based list of playlists now has cover arts and are organized under tab menu.

3. Add a cover art
To personalize the playlist
4. Add new songs
Directly from the playlist

Previously there is no option to add songs directly from the playlist page.

©2019 Shannon Yuna Koh