Be creative and imagine
To challenge player’s creativity
And surprise in others

Duration 4 weeks
Year 2018

NEMO is a social game concept design. It shows random geometric shapes and makes players respond what they see. The fun is in trying to be creative to compete other players and seeing how other players read the image. I implemented the game within Instagram's platform so that the key point of the players sharing their responses and having fun from finding out how other people responded can benefit from Instagram's friend/follower system.

Start the game from
Instagame menu

Start playing through the Instagame advertisement on the feed or the new game icon from the main menu

Invite friends to play

Invite friends from your follower list. The minimum number of players has to join to start the game.

Watch the instruction while waiting for friends to join

Before starting the game, the guide shows on the screen for players to understand the game. If the player is ready to play, they can tap the 'ready' button to skip the intro.

One judge per round

In each round, one player is selected as the judge, so a new judge per round is selected randomly.

Players collect hearts to win

The judge selects the best answer from players to give heart scores. Whoever collects five hearts first wins the game.

Be creative and imagine

As a player, respond what you see in the given random shapes and use your creativity to stand out from other players’ responses.


©2019 Shannon Yuna Koh