Connecting people with shelter dogs
Digital experience
For shelter dog adoption

Duration 4 weeks
Year 2017

Petmate promotes pet adoption by matching potential adopters with shelter dogs based on their lifestyle. It provides a detailed information about each shelter dog so that adopters have a better awareness of the dog's behavior, thereby reducing the risk of the return to the shelter.

"Adopters going into relationships with realistic expectations about their animals, resulted in fewer returns."

- ASPCA research on fostering and adopting

At the pet shelter,
Behavior counselor profiles the shelter pet 

Behavior counselors evaluate the dog’s physical and personality traits to build a digital profile of the dog.

At the adopter's home,
Potential adopter takes the survey 

To analyze their personal preferences and lifestyle in regards to living with a dog

From the survey,
Potential adopter receives match

The adopter finds out about how they are with pets and receives the recommendation of shelter dogs near the user in the order of high match rate.

From the match,
Adopter makes the reservation to shelter

The adopter can then select and favorite the dogs, and make a reservation to Petco Adoption center to meet the dog.

At the pet shelter,
Adopter is welcomed at the reserved time.

The adopter, then, follows the behavior counselor to meet the dog they favorited.

It's time to meet your petmate.

When the adopter comes near their matched and favorited dog, the digital screen on the kennel shows the personalized greeting to initiate their encounter.

Creating a better world for animals and
the people who love and need them

©2019 Shannon Yuna Koh