Smart mirror app for
the vision impaired women
For the vision impaired women
To have confidence in makeup

Team member Sue Lee
Duration 4 weeks
Year 2018

For this project, the team designed for people experiencing disability and focused on how might a woman with vision impairment can benefit from an assistance in applying their daily makeup. The team gathered insight that vision impairment does not stop these women from caring how they look and that with makeup, they feel don't feel different from other people.  

However, the blind and visually impaired women are challenged with how the process heavily relies on their sense of touch and thus limits their freedom to explore different methods and products. Also, they need a sighted person to check on how they look.

The idea is a service for blind and vision impaired women to receive assistance in applying makeup and exploring beauty trends with a voice-activated AI assistance and an advanced image recognition technology.

To inspire and embolden local women
For the inclusive community

In sponsorship from Sephora Stands, the social impact strategy from Sephora to inspire confidence and fearlessness among women, Seephora is created as part of a program to provide specialized beauty training to inspire and embolden local women for the inclusive community.

Download the Seephora app
For desktop from Sephora Stands website
Begin makeup assistance
With an analysis of the daily complexion

Seephora begins the makeup assistance with face scan to analyze and guide the vision impaired user about the status of their daily facial complexion.

Receive Seephora's simple and
Technical instruction for each step

The makeup instructions are based on how blind people actually follow specific methods for each makeup product to ease the application process. 

Scan each item before applying
To prevent from using a wrong product

For example, item scanning corrects the vision impaired user to use the right product to use for each makeup step, in case she holds a similar sized product for wrong use.

Scan face after applying makeup 
To catch any mistakes

Seephora will compare the user's application to the registered makeup look and correct the user if the makeup isn't applied correctly

Seephora's makeup assistance is
Based on the saved makeup style

At in-store counseling at Sephora, the user receives makeup trial and registers the process and the completed makeup look through the mobile app which syncs with desktop app.

Seephora offers other services 
To connect to Sephora store

Using voice command, the user can connect to Sephora through various ways to keep up with makeup trend and book another in-store counseling to add new makeup style on Seephora.

seephora 5

Talk to beauty expert

Opens a video call with a beauty consultant at Sephora for a check-up or other beauty-related counseling.


Explore Products

Opens the Sephora online shop so that the vision impaired users can enjoy shopping at home.


Book In-Store Counseling

Allows users to reserve a beauty counseling for a new look to be registered.



User can change the following:
text size, voice speed,  voice command on/off

Use the Seephora mobile app
Like a hand mirror during the day

Blind and vision impaired user can now check on how they are just by opening their Seephora mobile app, without having to ask other sighted person. It will tell the user if there is any correction to be made.


©2019 Shannon Yuna Koh